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22.09.2009 в 01:57
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Destiel fanfic rec!list.

11) savingfaith333 - "It's Not TV, It's HBO" (Jensen/Misha RPS), NC-17, WIP. Humour, romance.

"Supernatural gets moved to HBO, and in a stroke of genius, Eric Kripke decides to go with the fangirls and make angel!slash actual canon. Jensen, being a serious artist concerned about his craft, is determined to make the best of this potentially awkward situation. Misha, being Misha, can't wait to mouth fuck Jensen on national television." An excellent piece of RPS, with Jensen being all fangirly about Misha.

Fave quote:
“What the fuck was that?” Misha asks when he’s finally gotten his fill of fucking Jensen’s mouth numb, his face buried in the sweaty skin of Jensen’s neck.
And Jensen mumbles into Misha’s ear, his nose tickled by soft, sweaty hair, his tongue playing along Misha’s earlobe, “it’s just like that… just with, y’know, tongue.”

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Я раз 5 пробовала начать это читать, но, чёрт побери, по описанию это же полный рпсовый крэк! Любопытство тянет, но я же РПС не читаю, и крэк тоже. Короче, из разряда хочется, но не можется... :alles:

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